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Junior Music Course (JMC) 4-6 years old
This group class nurtures musical creativity and helps instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music. Lesson contents include hearing, singing, playing, and creating music.
Young Musicians Course (YMC) 7-9 years old. 
Musicianship is taught through the use of a keyboard. Activities include singing, ear training, repertoire, ensemble playing, keyboard harmony & technique, sight singing & playing, and music theory.

Dear Parents,

The Yamaha Education System is one of the most innovative methods for children to learn music. Our renowned teaching techniques paired with our program's fun cirriculum will not only help your child learn basic musicianship and introduce them to keyboard playing, but also help develop you child's creativity and appreciation in music.

Please join us at one of our Open House Free Preview Lessons. We are positive that you and your child will enjoy the class !

You can sign up for your free lesson by calling us at (909) 595-9020.